Together we are rising...
midwifing each other's precious work.
Do you have a meaningful project or sense of purpose that really lights you up?
Are you struggling solo? Believing you're not doing enough, fast enough, to materialise your dreams or vision?

*would you enjoy some gentle and warm accountability that settles your nervous system?
*would you be interested in exchanging support but not exactly sure what you need or what support to offer?
*could you imagine creating a session or a workshop and having us show up so you can test it and gather valuable feedback?

We believe birthing and raising precious work takes a community.
Come and experience the difference community makes.

Register today for our free Generosity Circle event - let us introduce you to a
new way of working on what matters to you.

Wise Women Rising is a compassionate community of women learning together and creating our coaching, healing, creative or consulting practices with each other's warm support.

Our purpose is to midwife each other's precious work. 
Our mission is to become elders for these times. 


We learn, contribute and grow our confidence by exchanging our services in a 'time bank'.

Wise Women Rising has a 'time bank' where we book one another's time in exchange for credits. We host regular GENEROSITY CIRCLES to support you to get to know the community and explore what you might like to exchange in terms or your services and what you feel called to give and receive.

Time trading is a 'new economy' idea providing a community of mutual support that flourishes individual and collective wellbeing without the negative impacts of the old profit motive.

We take a more intuitive and community approach to business development

We're committed to creating an empathic and safe place for purpose-led women to belong, contribute and thrive.

We're a community for the entire journey of creating and developing your sustainable business so you're not struggling on your own or overcome by obstacles along your path.

We are beyond all the startup jargon and "fail fast" hustle... we invest in genuine relationships.  We value "slow cooking" our ideas to develop rich insights and depth in our strategic and personal development. We organise into "group hubs" with peers to hold us gently accountable in our growth. When you're ready to step into new levels of trust about your work in the world we'll be there to celebrate and mourn with you as we learn together by doing.

We also trust that as we invest in ourselves and each other we cause a ripple effect all the way to our children’s children for a better world.

Thanks for bringing your energy. We are so glad you are here.

Watch the Welcome Circle video as an introduction to the community and what we do


We acknowledge with respect the "carer years" many women are often called to give to ageing parents, their children, or both...and we recognise the extra energy it takes when there are health challenges, relationship transitions, career and major life transitions.
We see women. We want women to know they matter and their dreams do to.  


We believe what's needed is a business development community designed for women by women to strengthen women's confidence emotionally, socially and financially to ameliorate the sometimes negative impacts on self-worth, social value and financial stability associated with caring and ageing.  We think it's time for change.



Hello Wise Woman, we are so glad you're here 🙏 🌺

  • We are an empathic place to contribute, experiment and grow personally, while we grow our purpose businesses. 

  • We are a place to incubate and develop new offerings to trade. 

  • We value authentic and mutually life serving business practices with each other. 

  • We are learning to value our worth in ways new to us and to ask for what we need in more empowering ways. 

  • We are a place where the “whole self” is welcomed, a place where we learn together to navigate, collaborate, disagree and deepen friendship.

  • We also find co-working companions, new client connections, collaborations and referrals based in genuine friendship and trust. 

  • We are a place where we imagine workshops, courses and retreats together, where we can learn new skills together, share some realness and fun and build sustainability skills for us all for the long term. 

How we "be" together

We Welcome You Wise Woman

If you have a sense that it's time for you to make a contribution, to "step into the arena" of your life in a new way then we are here for you to do just that.

We look forward to connecting with you. Reach out and send us an email or 
register for our next Generosity Circle and we'll introduce you to what we do.

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