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Be part of our co-learning community as we grow
a 'time bank'... a new way forward to develop
your precious work in the world

Come and be part of the new beginning... an "alternative currency" that treats us with equality and fairness, exchanging 'time points' with one another. Together we are flourishing into a national time trading exchange. 

The "WWRx" (Wise Women Rising Trading Exchange) is where we trade 'time points' (and dollars too) and nurture a healthy community through our "energy exchange"... nature's way...women supporting one another with courage and empathy through their gaps of knowledge or financial or emotional obstacles so they can rise to offer their own precious work in the world. ACCESS OUR COACHES, HEALERS AND CONSULTANTS by trading your time.


At first we give you 5 hours to trade with (like gift certificates) so you can get started to access the women who can support you with their services. Once you've settled in, we'll support you to create your profile and you can start offering time (how much is up to you) to support other women in the community with your gifts too.  A great way to build new connections, friends and clients in a community of women who care.

Perhaps you need time to access your clarity about what to offer? That's OK, you can offer empathy, or computer skills or whatever you feel great about offering in the meantime, while you cultivate your "precious work".  We call it precious work because we know that it takes deep self inquiry and time to begin to really know our essential can shift and change too with seasons and new meaning that you discover along the way. 


We operate our membership community on a PAY FROM THE HEART MODEL, our minimum request is $15.00 a month (although we have a built in "social impact" budget to cover you if you'd be in hardship paying our minimum). We explain more of how we work and get to know you too at our WELCOME SESSIONS.



We are in the collective womb right now, actively deconstructing the old, letting the debris decay and die... and from that nutrient, growing a new way of being.

We are spending time now to dig our foundations deep into the warm earth... we are stopping often to smell to flowers and celebrate the way (hustle-free, following hunches)...supporting each other to find a new rhythm at home, new headspace, clarity, rest and new interpersonal boundaries, as we follow our interests and listen more acutely to the work that is calling us each day.Together we are emerging the collective wisdom of the feminine.We are so grateful you are here :-)

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