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About Us

Wise Women Rising is a community of “for-purpose" inspired women seeding their consulting, healing or coaching practices who want a community of warm support to practice with. The community has created a Time Bank to trade hourly “credits” by exchanging personal gifts and talents via a time exchange system ( WWRx).

As a community our mission is creating a safe place for purpose-led women to belong, contribute and thrive. We are in service of our becoming elder women at a time in Australia's (and the world's) history when we need new, perhaps more feminine ways of being, to resolve old patterns of doing that have been less than life serving. 

Our purpose is to MIDWIFE THE PRECIOUS WORK OF WISE WOMEN and cultivate our Feminine Wisdom. It's our belief that women need a place to practice receiving as well as to create offers. As a community we commit to offering each other opportunities to replenish and build resistance and skills in living our purpose.

As we invest in ourselves and each other we cause a ripple effect all the way to our children’s children. 

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How we "Be"

  • We are an empathic place to contribute, experiment and grow personally, while we grow our purpose businesses. 

  • We are a place to incubate and develop new offerings to trade. 

  • We value gentle, authentic, life affirming business practices with each other. 

  • We are learning to value our worth in ways new to us and to ask for what we need in more authentic and empowering ways. 

  • We are a place where the “whole self” is welcomed, a place where together we are growing a creative and wise community supporting work that matters in our families and communities... where we also find co-working companions, new client connections, collaborations and referrals based in genuine friendship and trust. 

  • We are a place where we can imagine workshops, games/play days and retreats together, where we can connect with other members to learn new skills together, share some realness, genuine fun and build sustainability skills for us all for the long term. 

4 principles

Generosity, Gratitude
Compassion & Contemplation


We are longing to see gendered age-discrimination eradicated. 

Through time trading as a collective of socially motivated and purpose driven women, we are addressing together women's sustained power and voice as they age.  

Women 50+ particularly can experience social discrimination and disadvantage that includes higher unemployment, increasing threats of homelessness and potential marginalisation personally and professionally for the "carer years" they often give to ageing parents or their children or community challenges.  

We see what's needed is a system designed for women by women to strengthen women's confidence in their feminine qualities and confidence emotionally, socially and financially to ameliorate the negative impacts on self-worth, social value and financial stability associated with ageing. 

We gratefully accept contributions to support Wise Women Rising...
from your heart and genuine gratitude...no should or have to, it's not our way.

So if you are enjoying the offerings at our Online Retreat, please "pay from your heart" an amount that you feel honours both your needs and the community's longing to flourish...  make a contribution of $15.00 or $30.00 or choose your own amount.

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