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Wise Women Rising Membership

"Pay from the Heart"
financial request

That means we invite you to contribute to the Wise Women Rising community so we can show up and do what we do :-) We are SO grateful for the love and we definitely want mutual sustainability here so please only pay in alignment with what you can manage.

This contribution today will set up your your monthly membership payment for
as much or as little as is right for you. 

We are grateful to the women who pay $45.00 as they are gifting a financial contribution on behalf of women experiencing hardship.


We gratefully accept contributions to support Wise Women Rising...
from your heart and genuine should or have to, it's not our way.

So if you are enjoying the offerings at our Online Retreat, please "pay from your heart" an amount that you feel honours both your needs and the community's longing to flourish...  make a contribution of $15.00 or $30.00 or choose your own amount.

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