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Supporting human and business needs... to belong, contribute, thrive and grow.

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Movement and creative activities journaling, collage music, empathy walks.

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Gatherings in ceremony enjoying being, presence, body connection & meditation.




About the online retreat

10 Days of Retreat Replenishment Online

Supporting women feeling ‘replenished’ and more resilient... with storytelling, somatic meditation, journal writing, empathy circles, a singing experience at the opening circle, a session based on The Work of Byron Katie and....
sessions for your purpose business
- to explore how you might  introduce yourself with purpose, - how you might bring more feminine to your business practice and a session on social media and supporting an authentic client journey.


The opening ceremony is Friday 10th July at 7.30pm. Register now to create your own personal program from all the offerings.


We look forward to welcoming you to our first retreat (online) and introducing you to the many wise women who are creating "purpose work", stepping on to their 'learning edge' to come and practice with your precious "midwifing"... your attention and care :-)

Who is Wise Women Rising?

Wise Women Rising is a community of “for-purpose" inspired women seeding their consulting, healing or coaching practices who want a community of warm support to practice with. The community has created a Time Bank to trade hourly “credits” by exchanging personal gifts and talents via a time exchange system ( WWRx).

As a community our mission is creating a safe place for purpose-led women to belong, contribute and thrive. We are in service of our becoming elder women at a time in Australia's (and the world's) history when we need new, perhaps more feminine ways of being, to resolve old patterns of doing that have been less than life serving. 

Our purpose is to MIDWIFE THE PRECIOUS WORK OF WISE WOMEN and cultivate our Feminine Wisdom. It's our belief that women need a place to practice receiving as well as to create offers. As a community we commit to offering each other opportunities to replenish and build resistance and skills in living our purpose.

As we invest in ourselves and each other we cause a ripple effect all the way to our children’s children. 

We gratefully accept contributions to support Wise Women Rising...
from your heart and genuine gratitude...no should or have to, it's not our way.

So if you are enjoying the offerings at our Online Retreat, please "pay from your heart" an amount that you feel honours both your needs and the community's longing to flourish...  make a contribution of $15.00 or $30.00 or choose your own amount.

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